Professional Power Tool Batteries

WantBattery is the reputed professional manufacturer of high quality rechargeable batteries and battery-related accessories, rapidly risen from recent years.  

Power Tool Batteries

WantBattery has been committed to the research and development of power products and battery projects, and will apply the products to digital, military, home appliances, medical equipment, construction and installation and other fields. Our power tool batteries can replace Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Hitachi, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, AEG, Ryobi and other power tools. Our vacuum cleaner lithium batteries can replace irobto, Dyson, covos, ecovacs and other vacuum cleaners and sweepers.

Certification | WantBattery

Based on advanced technologies and the aim of satisfactory services,WantBattery has always been constantly improving in performance of the products. We mainly produce all kinds of rechargeable batteries, mobile power, chargers, DC power tools. The products include nickel cadmium rechargeable battery, nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery, lithium polymer battery, lithium ion battery, various switching power supply, mobile power supply, etc.