Rechargeable cordless devicesare convenient, mobile, and also prepared to operate at a minute's notice. Cordless device batteries last for numerous years; and also with correct treatment as well as storage space, you can prolong battery life and your financial investment.
Here are some dos and do n'ts to help you obtain one of the most out of the batteries on cordless devices.

Rechargeable Device Battery Dos

  1. Do Maintain Battery Charged: Reenergize cordless device batteries as soon as you see a reduction in power. Many batteries last lengthiest if recharged when they get to 70% capability. Also NiCd batteries (the ones with the supposed "memory impact") only require to be entirely discharged each month approximately to keep their charge memory.
  2. Do Usage Battery Routinely: Battery life reduces with absence of use, so keep those devices at work! If you just very seldom utilize a tool, you may wish to take into consideration a plug-in version, or strategy to reenergize the cordless tool battery before starting a job.
  3. Do Charge Battery Completely: Make sure to leave the cordless device battery connected in until it's entirely billed. The majority of chargers have an indicator to allow you recognize when the battery is fully billed.
  4. Do Maintain Battery Cool and Dry: Cordless device batteries will certainly last longer if saved in a completely dry, climate controlled completely dry location. It's not essential, however, to keep batteries in the fridge freezer.
  5. Do Shop Battery Effectively: Shop your cordless tool battery in the original lugging situation, or in a supported bag. Make sure to make use of the plastic cap that featured your battery to maintain it from brief circuiting and also to safeguard the terminals from damage or wetness.
  6. Do Have a Backup Battery Handy: It's an excellent suggestion to have a 2nd battery available as well as charged for your cordless device, so you can switch out in mid-job.
  7. Do Safeguard the Battery: Be gentle with cordless tool batteries-- they will not function if damaged or split.
  8. Do Adjust Cordless Device Settings: Make certain to use the right device setting for the job. For example, higher torque setups can run down a cordless drill battery quicker, so you'll get even more battery life if you use the setup that's needed.

Rechargeable Device Battery Do n'ts.

  1. Do Not Run Battery All the Way Down:Deep draining (allowing a rechargeable battery run completely down), can completely damage the posts and also shorten battery life. Instead, reenergize the battery as soon as your device begins to slow down. Never deep drain unless you have a NiCd battery that's revealing reduced capability due to the memory result.
  2. Don't Leave Battery on Battery Charger: Unless your tool instructions especially say to save the battery on the battery charger, make certain to remove it after charging is full. Overcharging can damage a battery and also shorten its life, and also not all chargers shut off automatically.
  3. Don't Overheat Battery: Warmth is fatal to rechargeable batteries and can also create them to blow up. If the battery gets hot to the touch, let it cool before reenergizing or utilizing. Don't store rechargeable batteries in a warm automobile, attic, or overheated storage area.
  4. Do Not Obtain Battery Damp: Don't reveal your cordless (or corded) tools or batteries to water. Quickly clean away any wetness on the device or battery.

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